BurgerFi Mt Pleasant on Coleman Blvd

Tasty gourmet burgers from BurgerFi in Mt Pleasant, SCWhere can you find an eatery that looks like an upbeat burger joint but serves food reminiscent of a gourmet restaurant? Is it possible to treat your taste buds to a delicious meal without worrying about how a cheeseburger and an order of fries will affect your health and well-being?

For an answer to these questions, look no further than the ground floor of The Boulevard, the home of BurgerFi since the end of May.

“It’s a burger joint you can feel good about eating at,” said Chuck Jenkins, who, along with Tony Tonelis, owns BurgerFi’s tri-county franchise rights. “It’s a great tasting burger that doesn’t have to be bad for you.”

What makes BurgerFi different from other similar restaurants? According to Jenkins, everything, from the burgers and hot dogs to the fries and onion rings and the company’s secret sauce, is 100-percent natural, prepared daily and never frozen. And the beef served at all BurgerFi locations comes from a Wyoming ranch where the animals are raised without steroids or hormones.

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Clemson Tigers or South Carolina Gamecocks?

So, which is your favorite team, the Gamecocks or the Tigers? If you want to vote for your favorite team and register to win free tickets to the Clemson/Carolina Game on 11/29/2014 at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium (in Clemson, SC) head on over to Mount Pleasant Magazine’s Facebook Poll. After you vote, head on over to register to Win Free Football Tickets.

Gamecocks or Tigers?



Taylor Morris — HIIT

FOR MOST PEOPLE, A WORKOUT REQUIRES A treadmill, weights, kettlebells, a yoga mat, a medicine ball and a slew of bulky and expensive gym equipment. All fitness trainer Taylor Morris needs is her automobile.

“I can do everything out of the trunk of my car,” said Morris, the previous owner of Bella Forza, a women’s fitness studio. “I call it my mobile gym.”

Photos provided by Taylor Morris.

Photos provided by Taylor Morris.

Keeping her “gym” – which consists of an 8-pound Ugi ball, a sandbag, PowerBlock hand weights, a jump-rope and a timer – in her car is just one way Morris proves to her clients that they really have no good reason to ignore their health.

“There’s always an excuse and it drives me crazy! You don’t need a gym; you don’t need weights. Nothing,” she remarked.

Keeping it simple has been the key to her “no excuses” mantra, and that’s why Morris instructs her clients using the 30-minute HIIT workout program. High intensity interval training uses quick repetitions of intense exercise moves to give clients a cardiovascular workout in just half an hour. The program is suitable for any age group, from teenagers to senior citizens, and can focus on building muscle in the lower body, upper body or core.

According to Morris, studies show that three sessions of HIIT – a total of 90 minutes – are equivalent to doing five hours of endurance training such as running on a treadmill.

“[I like HIIT because] for my clients, it’s just 30 minutes. For the moms in Mount Pleasant who are
dropping their kids at soccer, school, dance and whatever else, I give them a no-excuse workout. And then on top of that, you don’t even need equipment. It’s a strenuous, high-quality workout in 30 minutes. They’re going to sweat more than they’ve ever sweated on a StairMaster in
a fraction of the time,” she said.

Although some people might initially be intimidated by the program, clients such as Resi Williams can’t get enough: “I can honestly say that HIIT has transformed my life. It is utterly exhausting, but you feel like Superwoman when you’re done with a workout. So satisfying. I was hooked after that first week and still am.”

Without what she calls a brick and mortar studio, Morris teaches HIIT in the great outdoors, mainly at the Pitt Street Bridge in Mount Pleasant’s Old Village and at other local parks. Although she provides individual instruction, Morris prefers training clients in small groups – 10 people or fewer – because it creates a sense of accountability.

“People feed off of each other,” she said. “[A group class] helps them make their own community, where they look at other people, and it pushes them even further. They motivate each other. It doesn’t matter if you want to stay in shape or lose weight, whatever their goals are, the community inspires them to meet their goals.”

The clients agree that Morris’ strategy works.

“I’ve had gym memberships at all the big names in town, and I’ve always felt so uncomfortable and intimidated in those places. I never once felt that way in any HIIT class,” said Williams. “Basically, Taylor has changed my entire attitude about fitness.”

When asked if she would recommend Morris to others, Williams responded with a laugh: “Do I really need to answer this? I’m such a cheeseball about it, but that’s how much I love it and believe in HIIT and Taylor.I’ll be a lifer, for sure.”

Contact Morris at tmorris512@gmail.com] or visit https://www.facebook.com/BellaForzaStudios.

By Taylor Griffith